How to Prepare Tofu

With Just a few ingredients

How to cook Tofu is one of the most frequent questions I am asked. Here is a quick beginner's guide with various tips and ways to make perfect tofu dishes every time!

What to do with tofu?  what is tofu used for? how to season tofu? Let’s get started and unveil some pupular tofu meals!!

Does tofu need to be cooked?

Cooking tofu makes its texture better, and also get to absorb all seasonings and enhance its flavors, but it can be eaten raw.


Simple Tofu Recipes

Let's explore the best tofu recipes that are also simple, easy-to-make and can be added to almost any curry, salad, or enjoyed on their own.


1. Grilling

Grill plain extra-firm Tofu on high heat for one minute on each side and reserving and adding them to a Thai Curry five minutes before it is ready.  They absorb all the flavor

2. Crispy

Covered in cornstarch and then baked.  Check the full recipe for crispy tofu on this site.  Also works as a vegan appetizer with a Green Goddess dipping sauce or add it to your curries.

3. As Veggie's Stuffing 

As the base to make stuffing for veggies. Stuffed Onions and Peppers are my favorite!

4. Vegan Egg Substitution: scramble!

When I make a decadent weekend brunch. Crumble it up and seasoned it with your regular seasoning for eggs.

5. Pasta Bolognese

Make a ragout along with walnuts for a delicious Pasta Bolognese. People always ask if we started eating meat again, the flavor is so close!

6. Pasta Stuffing

We love using tofu as stuffing for pasta shells of ravioli. Mix raw tofu along with the rest of ingredients and stuff your pasta shells!

7. Marinated and grilled on stovetop

Looking for tofu seasoning ideas? This is my go-to way for busy days and effortless and healthy vegan dinner. We pair it with fresh salad. Let's he how it is made...

8. Make a pesto sauce

Tofu is super creamy and works fantastic for making a high-protein pesto sauce to pair with your favorite tofu pesto pasta noodles.

9. Make a Quinoa Bowl with Tofu

Buddha Bowl is rich in nutrients, great for meal prep, and fully customizable. You will love the components we have put together and the delicious mint sauce we top it with.

–  Tofu  extra-firm – Soy sauce  – Minced garlic, or powder – Ginger grated , or powder


Cut the Tofu into squares.


Marinate with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger.  Let it rest for a minimum of 10 minutes.


Flip sides and add the other half of ginger and garlic.



Heat a non-stick grilling pan and grill the tofu squares for 1 minute on each side. You can use some (sesame, peanut, coconut, or olive oil are good options).

Add the remaining marinade before the final flip .



That's it!

That's how to prepare tofu in stovetop in its simplest way! Grab a salad, for a full meal!


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