Yellow Curry Recipe

Curry Rice & Curry Paste

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Yellow Curry is one the most popular Thai Curry Types, it is colorful, easy to make, and delicious


– 10 oz sweet potato – 1 eggplant – 3 carrots  – 1 zucchini – 3 shallots – 3 garlic cloves – 1 tbsp coconut oil  – 8 oz coconut milk – 2 tbsp yellow curry paste – 2 tbsp fresh ginger -3 cups veggie broth

Yellow thai currY

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Gather your ingredients

Chop your Veggies

Optionally roast your veggies in the oven with a drizzle of oil

Otherwise you can add them directly on the pot.  Roasting the vegetables adds more flavor and texture to your vegetables.

Add everything to one pot, including vegetables, curry paste, coconut milk, cilantro leaves, optionally cashews.

Optionally make steamed Jasmine or Basmatti rice

Rice + Water 10 mins  while the curry cooks

You can take a step further and make your own yellow curry paste in 5 minutes using a food processor

Freezer friendly and great for meal prep!

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