7 Reasons to Start Juicing Cabbage today  + RECIPE

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Juicing cabbage is a great way to add more nutrients and vitamins to your diet.

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stomach ulcers and gut health


May help with abdominal discomfort and has been used from ancient times to heal ulcers.


reduce inflammation

When we eat cabbage, our body metabolizes some of its components into sulforaphane, which our bodies use to fight inflammation and cancer.

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weight loss

This vegetable is low in calories high in anti-inflammatory substances that may help lessen obesity.


skin health and body detox

Cabbage acts successfully against inflammation. The results suggest that cabbage can be used to treat skin inflammation such as dermatitis.


balanced hormones

Drinking cabbage juice and cruciferous vegetable extract balances estrogen when used in high concentrations, like juice!


HIGH IN antioxidants

These substances are used by our bodies to replenish damaged cells and protect our bodies from free radicals caused by stress and bad, unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.



Fill in someStudies have found that these natural powerhouses may offer protection against certain cancers.


– Green Cabbage – Clementines – Carrot – Apple – Ginger

We added carrots to increase the nutritional value and extra natural sweetness and benefits for the skin.

how WE make OUR JUICES

We use a Slow Masticating Juicer. These cold-pressed juicers slowly press down the produce without heat... Keeping Nutrients Intact.

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