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This recipe will tell you everything you need to know about how CACIO E PEPE sauce is made, why it's so good, and the best way of making this simple yet delicious.


Cacio e Pepe Meaning  (Cheese and Pepper)

Cacio is a synonym for il Formaggio: both words mean cheese in Italian; We can use both as the word cacio comes from the Latin word caseus, which is usually translated simply as cheese.


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The authentic cacio e pepe recipe has only 3 ingredients. – Spaghetti thick Spaghetti Nº5 or Nº7 of fresh Tonnarelli – Pecorino Romano cheese – Black peppercorns


There is even cacio e pepe pizza made with exactly the same sauce ingredients on top of pizza dough.


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Crush peppercorns Toast crushed peppercorns Boil water in a large pot Mix pepper and water on medium heat Stir in the grated cheese Drain the pasta Cool down Serve



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