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7 Clever Ways to Reuse your Meals Leftovers

These 7 ways to reuse your meal scraps will help you reduce your waste and sometimes even enhance their flavor.

Add a little amount of Water for Hydration

Re-hydrate. Don’t worry, freeze-dried goods will soak up the right amount of moisture–you can’t over-hydrate.

Most fruit is delicious without being re-hydrated, but re-hydrated fruits like apples and berries are great for pies, smoothies and so much more. Or, put fruits right into your yogurt and oatmeal and they’ll rehydrate on their own.

Reheating frozen leftover: Put a Lid on and Use Low Heat (on stove, oven or microwave)

When hydrating your goods, but a lid or foil on top, that way it will simmer and hydrate everything harmoniously.

To re-hydrate vegetables, place them in a bowl or on the stove in a pan of water or just put them right into a simmering soup.

Rehydrating your last Lasagna, Rice, Lentils, Beans, Stew, or Soup.

Entrees like dried lasagna can be rehydrated with steam if you want it to retain it’s shape. It will taste exactly the same as before you freeze dried it, it just might not look as pretty.

When re-hydrating side dishes such as soup, stuffing or mashed potatoes, just add hot water little by little until you have the desired consistency. Remember, everyone does things just a little differently, so there’s no right or wrong way to rehydrate your freeze-dried food.

Add some Extra Spices, Oil and/or Salt

Pretty straight forward, sometimes this helps, especially because you may not have the same components of a dish. Maybe you just have the rice leftover and not the beans. I love to add some olive oil and nutritional yeast and a pinch of garlic powder to my leftover white rice. Quick snack!

Make Stews and Soups in batches

Stews and Soups tend to taste even better next day as flavors consolidate.

Hard Bread

Grind and make Croutons, breaded eggplants or make a bread pudding.

Leftover or Ugly Veggies

Make a delicious vegetable stock for your next Risotto instead of using a chemical flavor enhancer cube.

And…Save while Reducing Waste!

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