couscous side


couscous side

Couscous and Sprouted Lentils Warm Salad

I like making this salad, which works perfectly as a main dish; due to its ingredients’ richness, it is hard to beat on the Nutrition Department, so make in batches, and you won’t have to worry about being well nurtured for a couple of days.… Continue reading →

Greek Salad in wood

Classic Greek Salad

You can easily find a Greek Salad recipe, but don’t we all love classics?… Continue reading →

gorgonzola lentils salad

Gorgonzola Lentils Salad

I make this Gorgonzola Lentils Salad usually as the main dish. It is packed with all the goodness of protein, herbs, and intense flavors. It will keep your stomach full and the hunger away for the rest of the day. … Continue reading →