You have come to the right place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here you can find a growing variety of healthy mostly plant-based or vegetarian sweets recipes.

Plátanos en tentación

Plátanos en Tentación

A typical dish of the Caribbean regions, mainly in Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. This delicious and traditional dish is effortless to make, and although its flavor is sweet, it is usually served as a companion to meals.… Continue reading →

Pangiallo Romano Healthy

Pangiallo Romano Healthier No-Glaze Version

This is a healthier version of the Traditional Pangiallo, so no yellow crust, less calories.… Continue reading →

Pangiallo Romano

Pangiallo Romano (Roman Christmas Cake)

Roman dessert typically prepared on the Winter Solstice day as a good omen hoping that the sun will return soon. Main ingredients are chocolate and candied and dry fruits.… Continue reading →

cardamom rice pudding

Creamy Cardamom Rice Pudding

This Creamy and aromatic Rice pudding takes me back to my childhood. In Latin America we call it Arroz con Leche (Rice Milk), but being a fan of Indian Food a decided to make a delicious spin-off!… Continue reading →

healthy vegan truffles

Healthy Vegan Truffles

Healthy Vegan Truffles are my favorite easy to make snacks. I love eating something sweet after every meal, and it is not always easy to have an excellent healthy option. This one is very healthy, it is children friendly, and I find myself rarely making the same version.… Continue reading →